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PCM In the News

Feel free to click on any of the links below to read about us in the news!

Family running America’s top fund are also Minnesota’s No. 1 fans¬†Lakeshore Weekly News, 6/18

Outstanding Directors 2012 Twin Cities Business, 10/12

10 Questions with Richard W. Perkins Minnesota Business, 1/08

Business Journal by Lauren Wilbert, 5/07

Perk Brews Up Support for PACER Pacer Partners, Fall 2005

Money & Business by Mike Blahnik, 3/04

Who Rules Minnesota’s Boards? by Tom Smith, 9/03

Baby Bulls by Tony Carideo, 2/02

Captains Courageous by Kristen Mally, 10/96

King of Angels Minnesota Business 4/96

Examining The Long Term Record by Richard Perkins 3/96

Money Manager Perkins Doesn’t Look Much Farther Than His Own Backyard by Ellen Uzelac 9/95 (Reprint)

Mayo Lessons Make Analyst Wealthy, Wise by Bob Freund 3/92 (Reprint)

Happy Hunting Grounds by Kathryn M.Welling 8/5/91 (Reprint)

Perkins Capital Prefers Local Stocks by David Beal 11/91 (Reprint)

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