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About Us

Here’s the problem.  Every technology initiative starts with a business goal that quickly fades into the mist as features and functionality take over.

The result?

… Gartner estimates that less than 30% of BI initiaves acheive their intended goals.

Unlock organizational potential

Instantly identify new opportunities for capital gain through using our solutions

Secure your investment

With KroniK, we ensure that every project sees through, and that you are satisfied with the result

Drive revenue

Real-time business intelligence software helps companies increase their revenue on an average of 24% per year

“That’s what makes KroniK different. We obsess over adoption because it’s the key to transformation. And the key to adoption is visibility into KPIs that “touch the nerve” and have meaningful impact. We turn conventional design on it’s head and deliver virtually 100% user adoption at client companies.”

Matt Finley, CEO of KroniK

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

KroniK provides world-class, professional Microsoft services and solutions. This includes Rock-Solid Builds, Rock-Solid Support and Rock-Solid Training.

As you can see, our mantra is to ensure everything we do is Rock-Solid.


What exactly is Rock-Solid?

  1. Always set up a foundation for future success and scalability.
  2. Treat each service and solution as something you are proud of.
  3. Be thorough and open-minded in every engagement.

Matt Finley

CEO, Founder

Jack Finley

Lead Developer

Past clients

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Developed insights into the state’s oil and gas production levels. We used Power BI to convert countless spreadsheets into a single set of high-impact dashboards.

Elgin Fastener Group

Helped Elegin Fastener Group gain better insights into their contracting, forecasting, and workforce management levels.


Created a compelling story to help DLP zero-in on high-profitability assets and operational liabilities.